All Amy, All The Time

Oh, standup. I loved you so much, but you just didn't love me. Still, I got to do you for two delicious, impoverished years after college, at the Boston Comedy Club (which was in New York) and ... and ... and a whole lot of places that aren't there anymore.

Improv loved me more. I'd spent my college years as a member of Six Milks, named in a overzealous moment of "never deny!" that doesn't bear repeating. So I went back to improv, completing five levels at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York.

When I relocated to San Francisco, I was in two shows with The Un-Scripted Theater Company: The Great Puppet Musical and Shakespeare Un-Scripted, which was particularly rewarding because as the daughter of a Shakespeare professor, I was pretty jam-packed with arcane knowledge of no use to anyone UNTIL JUST THAT MOMENT.

But my favorite stage partner is my adorable husband, Randy Hauser. A much better and more successful standup than I ever was, he's the Costello to my Costello. (We don't have a straight man.) Together, we've performed an unforgettable Purim show at Congregation Sherith Israel, trained with Geoff Hoyle, and made each other pee with laughter. Not literally. Okay, literally.