All Amy, All The Time

I enjoy a good marketing gig. While the requirements have more to do with voice than reporting, the work is just as challenging and interesting, particularly when I have a great client.

For three years, I was the sole in-house copywriter for, where I overhauled the voice of the entire sales site, the corporate site, and communications with customers, including "friendlifying" our boilerplate customer-service responses, finding the best newsletter format, and being on call for a huge sales team producing hundreds of emails each week. It was fun, and MyPoints is a terrific way to get free stuff. 

Alas , one of many rounds of layoffs ended my tenure there. Since then, I've blogged and written product copy for Peek Kids and Tea, two terrific Bay Area childrens' clothing designers. They are so different from one another and I took inspiration from vastly different sources. I love getting elbow-deep in a client's mission statement, finding the unique qualities that I can exploit to create communications that couldn't come from anyone else -- that tempt, tease, and invite engagement.