All Amy, All The Time

There are people who complain about having to pay attention to site metrics, keywords, and SEO. These people are not geeky enough. Give me a Google Analytics graph and I'm a happy woman. Writing for Babble was a crash course in gaining clicks, and I aim to gain. Clicks, that is.

For several years, I churned out two to five posts per day for TheStir at CafeMom. Some were shared as many as 5,000 times (my Target Nurse-In comes to mind). Many were picked up and shared on Yahoo! Shine, where I have gotten terrific response -- most recently on a re-post of my "Here's What A Stay-At-Home-Mom Does All Day" post. Funny, right? I know.

I also blogged Abby's first six months for That was fun; I was in with a great group of other moms and we shared a lot of information, for your viewing pleasure.

I got to write a bunch for AOL's Lemondrop before they changed hands, and made it to their front page more than once. My mini-memoir about re-meeting my bullies on Facebook garnered a huge response and really touched a nerve.

These days I'm the San Francisco reporter for I'm writing a lot for Learnvest and Kveller and doing a twice-monthly column for called "Buy It or Make It?" Spoiler alert: Mostly I like to make it.

And of course, there are my personal blogs. I write about being a freelance writer, and the joys and terrors that ensue, on "I'm Procrastinating," and my mom chronicles -- including the raw feed of the premature birth and NICU stay of my first daughter, Penelope -- are at Rated Pee Gee. Read 'em and click the ads, baby!