All Amy, All The Time

I worked my way up from an in-flight magazine (for Tower Air, remember them?), to a food magazine (CuisineNet), to an adorable metro magazine (Brooklyn Bridge), and finally landed at Cosmopolitan (phew! I'm not the kiss of death!), where I worked for four hilarious, fun-filled years.

But as a freelancer, I've gotten to do all sorts of ridiculously wonderful things: learn to crack a bullwhip, interview David Blaine and talk him into showing me a card trick, annoy Ed Koch, take a writing class with Kay Cannon. It's not much of a living, but I'm a freakin' billionaire when it comes to cocktail party anecdotes.

I pride myself in learning each magazine's unique voice and pitching only the most useful ideas to my editors. I'm fast, accurate, and funny. As an editor, I have the same values: I want my writers to walk away feeling like even if I edited them, I preserved their own style in the process. 

You can see a partial list of my clips on my blog,